- The Roco Inn Okinawa hotel is located in Matsuyama in Naha


roco hotel ロコイン松山

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Single/Semi Double

Optimum standard type, 3 pillows for a restful sleep!
■Total floor space 14㎡
■Bed size 120cmx195cm
■The maximum capacity 2guests

Standard Double

These compact double rooms are reasonably priced!
■Total floor space 14㎡
■Bed size 140cmx195cm
■The maximum capacity 2guests

Standard Twin

Simple guest rooms feature a flat-screen TV with video-on-demand programmes, a small fridge.
■Total floor space 14㎡
■Bed size 100cmx195cm
■The maximum capacity 2guests

Comfort Double

Simple guest rooms feature a flat-screen TV with video-on-demand programmes, a small fridge.
■total floor space 18㎡
■Bed size 140cmx195cm
■The maximum capacity 2guests

Comfort Twin

A compact twin room affordably priced for family trips.
■Total floor space 18㎡
■Bed size 118cmx195cm
■The maximum capacity 2guests

Executive Twin

Two spacions rooms!Outfitted with numerous amenities including a 32-inch LCD television. This room is Smoking.
■Total floor space 28㎡
■Bed size 118cmx195cm
■The maximum capacity 3guests

Stereo television
Rooms are equipped with a 26-inch or 32-inch LCD television.
You can select from a variety of channels including regular and satellite broadcasts.
The VOD system offers you a wide pay-per-view selection!

Sizable desk
A writing desk of grand proportions is provided.
There is ample space even after you have placed your PC on the desk, so you'll make good progress with your work even in your hotel room.

Unlimited Internet usage
If you bring your own PC, you can enjoy unlimited use of the Internet at no charge in your hotel room! This means that if you're away from home on business, you can still easily gather information from your hotel room.
A LAN cable is provided free of charge.

Wide beds
All rooms have semi-double or larger beds.
Each bed has 3 pillows, so just for you!

24-hour ventilation system
With the installation of a ventilation system, there is always clean air throughout the hotel and rooms.

Lighting that is easy on the eyes
When you insert the energy saving key into the slot, the lights in your room will automatically switch on.
You can freely adjust the brightness of the lighting in your room.

Full range of amenities
All rooms are equipped with washlets and hair dryers.
Our immaculately clean bathrooms are stocked with all you'll need for your stay.
(toothbrush, razor, body sponge, cotton swab)

Grooming corner
A full-length mirror and hangers are conveniently located in one corner of the room to make grooming easier for businessmen.

Functional storage space
All rooms are equipped with a trouser press.
A wardrobe is also provided for carefully storing away suits to keep them wrinkle-free.

A comfortable space
We provide a side table with refrigerator and a sofa in a way that allows some relaxation before you go to sleep.

Original interior
All the hotel's interiors including the furniture, carpet, and curtains as well as the hotel design are based around tranquil color tones.

Clean room slippers
The room slippers are cleaned for each new guest.
Each pair of cleaned slippers is immediately placed into its own antibacterial packaging, so you can feel at ease using them within the hotel.